Choose A Great Title That Grabs Attention

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“Every time you write, you have an opportunity to communicate and to convince” (David Meerman Scott). When choosing an advertisement to describe our products, Scott suggests we avoid phrases that are overused. He calls these words ‘gobbledygook.’

Overused phrases that are popular in the tech world include innovative, cutting-edge, and new and improved. Using these titles decreases our chances of convincing our audience that our products are great, because everybody uses them.

There are exceptions to this rule, but many times advertisers are being lazy or don’t understand their customer’s needs. Instead, we should simply state what our product is or what problems we are actually solving.

For more on this topic, read Seth Godin’s Encyclopedia of Business Clichés, and the Gobbledygook Manifesto by David Meerman Scott. Visit Gobbledygook Grader to analyze your content.


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