Felix Dennis

“Forget glamour if the getting of money is your priority. The laws of supply and demand apply not only to commodities but to the choices people make. Too many people wish to make blockbuster movies and live in Beverly Hills.” -Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis is one of my favorite entrepreneurs, and I always keep his advice in mind. If you want a job, search for work many people don’t want to perform. It may not be glamourous, but you’ll make money. This holds true for starting a business, big or small. I appreciated this point when I was considering a career as a musician earlier this year.

Felix also instructs us to ‘look carefully at the prevailing industries where wealth appears to be gravitating.’ He did this in the 70’s when he founded Dennis Publishing, a successful magazine publishing company, turning him into a multimillionaire.

Dennis is honest about the nature of the business world. He gives forewarning in his books, How To Get Rich and 88, The Narrow Road that other authors often fail to recognize. His input equips young entrepreneurs, small business owners, and potential business owners with invaluable knowledge, providing a base for a strong defense mechanism.


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