Your Profession

“There are a great many doctors and lawyers who apprenticed themselves to their profession solely to please an ambitious parent – only later to regret their acquiescence at leisure.”


Dress for Success

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Dress for success! Even if it’s in your fairly nice shirt or suit that isn’t name brand, it will still feel good.

Pajamas are always nice too.

Your Time

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We’re all pressured to get jobs and pay our bills. It’s understandable and it can be rather fun when you don’t simply focus on just paying the bills. It’s more fun when you have exciting financial goals, because you have a much better reason to get up in the morning. Many people have jobs they love and they don’t feel as though they are wasting any time. Others have jobs they don’t like so much that range from low paying to high paying. I’ve been reading business books since I was a kid that emphasize how important your time is. Many of us often don’t consider how valuable our time really is.

For the people that don’t have a specialized skill set or solid career path, it’s easier to look for new opportunities and start a business. For the people with specialized skill sets and careers, it takes more nerve to start something new. Even if they do get a great idea, it’s unlikely they will risk the security of their careers. I can’t blame many of them. I would be happy to stay at a business long term if it was an enjoyable job with fun people. However, office politics usually dismantle this ideal situation. When this happens, we either walk or stay put. It’s not a bad idea to stay put and do your job. You’ll get experience, you’ll get better at taking orders, and as a result, you’ll probably have good job security.

However, this often isn’t the path to an adventurous life. There’s not much risk involved. It’s the same thing every day. Taking orders gets old. If you don’t want to start a business, exciting jobs are out there. You might have to relocate. You might have to take 2-3 years off to learn new skills. But these jobs exist. They aren’t necessarily in a particular field. They could be in any field. It’s really all about the people you’re working with and your attitude. I’ve had discussions with people who think human interaction is strictly about your attitude. If you’re nice, other people will be nice too…the mirror effect. What bullocks. Human interaction is obviously a two way street, but it helps to have a positive attitude.

Your time is valuable. Fun jobs exist. You can start a business and create a nice place to work, where people work together rather than against each other. Go for it.