The Art of Giving

We always hear about the importance of giving time and money to charities or organizations we support. I have read that many people give just to feel better about themselves and that there are no people who are truly altruistic. I disagree with that standpoint. I have experienced gifts from people who gave to truly make a positive impact on my life.  I have also shared time and money with friends and organizations to simply help. No, I didn’t do it to strictly feel good about myself and tell everyone about my contribution afterwards. The trick is to give simply to help, not expect anything in return, and forget about it. If you are giving just to create good karma for yourself, you are missing the point. You should be giving to create a positive experience for the people and organizations around you–end of story.

After you save at least 10% of your own money, I believe you should give away another 5 – 10% of the money you have earned. If you are earning zero dollars or can’t afford to give any money away, you still probably have a few hours of time on your hands each week. Go help clean up your town or volunteer your time for the many organizations that would love your help.


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