Success Isn’t Always Fun

Studying for a test may not be fun, but getting an A+ is both fun and rewarding for most of us. Experiencing success is nice, but the time and work that go into it beforehand can be difficult.

Many aspects of success can be boring. Then again, I’m not familiar with success in the business world on a large scale yet. But the small, rewarding successes I experience on a weekly basis are a direct result of prioritizing my actions and projects. Many of these actions are boring at first–going to bed early, waking up early, checking and sending emails all day, making cold calls, doing a great job at every job even if I’m tired or not feeling well, sacrificing time with family and friends, etc.

Yet the small and major successes you will experience will reinforce you to continue to take actions similar to those listed above. Even if they aren’t always fun in the moment, the rewarding results will make them so much fun and make you happy you stuck with the smartest actions for your important work priorities.

If you’re having trouble with your priorities, be sure to check out this lifehacker article about prioritizing—–>How to Prioritize When Everything Is Important.


(Photo credit: drewkasler)


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