Fresh Optimism

Sometimes it’s difficult to remain optimistic when reading or watching the news. There are so many problems, wars, starving children, deaths, financial troubles on an individual to global scale, and the list goes on.

On a positive note, life surrounds us, new children are born every day, many people, although a small percentage at this time, have easy access to food and water, and multitudes of people are working to make this world a better place. For the many negative aspects of life on this planet, there are responding positive occurrences. For every problem, there is a person or organization working on a solution.

I’ve talked with people who are apathetic and depressed about life. “We’re just going to die anyway. We might as well not even do anything,” They say. I tell them that it’s better to have lived than to have never existed at all. We’re here, so let’s make the best of our lives and the lives of those around us.

Optimism gives us hope for a better future, which motivates us to take action. These actions are what provide this world with positive solutions. You’re much more likely to think of a fresh idea or positive solution if you’re optimistic and hopeful. Yet some negative people get so frustrated with the way things are going that they can’t help but take the necessary actions to make the positive changes they want to see. Even in such situations, these individuals had to possess some kind of hope that their actions would work. Many times, the chances of you being stuck and immobile have a correlation with a negative attitude and no hope.

Truth be told, being positive and optimistic 24/7 doesn’t really work. Life can be very difficult. A moment of frustration and negativity may even be how we recognize a problem in the first place. But developing a habit of hope and optimism for yourself and the world will increase the problems we collectively solve.


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