Hardware Vs. Software

“There was a recent study done by the scientific advisory board to president Obama that compared hardware progress to software progress, cause some people get up and say, ‘Yeah, well Kurzweil is right: computers, and communications, and even genetic sequencing and other information technologies are progressing at an exponential manner, but software is stuck in the mud.’ And so they analyzed this issue and they looked at all of the major scientific and engineering problem areas, and they found software had made more progress than hardware.

There was progress 1,000:1 over the last 15 years in hardware in being able to solve their problem; 15,000:1 in software for a total (since you multiply them) of 15,000,000:1 – with a lot more progress from improvement in software algorithms than hardware.”

“The bottom line is we’re making exponential gains in hardware AND software.”

Ray Kurzweil


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