Simple Steps to a Safer Business

Beware of cyber criminals

“The United States Federal Government has had 13 breaches and failures of its own cybersecurity just in the past six months.”1  2 This is not including the number of breaches that haven’t even been detected. Former FBI cybersecurity expert Shawn Henry said, “Most major companies – like 94 percent – don’t know they have been hacked until a long time afterward.”1 It’s safe to say that keeping a company protected from malware and cyber criminals has never been more important. Some companies might not think they have the financial resources to purchase a specialized software or service to protect their network, which means they definitely can’t afford a cybersecurity breach.

During an international conference held by the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), which took place from October 25-26, 2012, Matt Hajda – Lead Information Security Analyst of the United States Automobile Association – stated, “The threat of malware is real, and criminals use malware to infiltrate organizations looking for any way to make money.” He added, “Tools are freely available on the Internet for anyone to create a malware website with little knowledge required.” He suggested taking these immediate actions if possible:

  • Block your monitor from proxy traffic
  • Block known malicious websites
  • Block dynamic DNS sites
  • Block non-categorized sites
  • Block specific country codes
  • Block traffic destined to a URL without a domain name

Ongoing education about cybersecurity problems is critical for every single person in your organization; not making this a top priority could result in a loss of jobs and potentially a bankrupt company.

During that same ISSA international conference Rafal Los – Chief Security Evangelist at Hewlett Packard – asked, “How prepared are we to stake our careers that we are doing enough?” Questions he thinks we should consistently ask include: what could break; where are the brittle systems; and how bad would it be if attacked?

         Providing additional malware and cyber criminal protection will become mandatory in the near future as the number of cybersecurity breaches continues to increase. When you decide it’s time to take a smart step in the right direction, you will

Lower risks significantly with specialized cybersecurity software

amp up your business’s security with specialized software and services. No, I’m not talking about Norton AntiVirus. You get what you pay for – every hacker has extensive experience with Symantec.

Cybersecurity software I strongly recommend includes ePArmor and eProtex. In addition to software, they provide security monitoring as an ongoing 24/7 service. They will also help you comply with your industry regulations and mitigate risks regarding network security monitoring, network forensics, malware, and many of the immediate actions noted above.

Stay ahead of the curve, and save yourself from the headache and troubles of a security breach. Invest in high-quality cybersecurity software and services; you’ll be happy you did when you see what happens to the businesses around you that did not.


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