The Age of the DIY Innovator

Cell PhoneHumans have more access to information now than at any other point in time on this planet. Gathering information for important problems often starts with a simple Google search, which is obviously much faster than the old-school way of doing research. Don’t get me wrong, I find the library very helpful. I go there all of the time to research business books and browse new releases, but primary research is often done with Google.

Bill Clinton has been quoted as saying that he only sent a grand total of 2 emails while he was in office. He also added that there were only about 50 websites in 1993 and that cell phones were very uncommon. Today, as we all know, our cell phones have become an essential tool. Instant text messaging, emails, phone calls on the fly, immediate access to websites, seemingly infinite apps, GPS maps, cameras, video recorders, alarm clocks, and music players demonstrate the variety of features that have been added to cell phones within the last decade. Of course, we have come to rely on them for their convenience. What a major change since 1993 when it was rare to even see a cell phone! I’ve sent more emails from my cell phone today than Bill did from a PC when he was the president!


With all of this technology, we have never had as many opportunities to make an impact on our communities and on the world. Anybody with a smart phone or computer has unlimited opportunities to connect with other like-minded people and take action. Promoting yourself online is also becoming easier every day. Visit the top 100 free classified ad posting sites.

Also be sure to check out the niche advertising websites you can access in your local community. Do you have anything you can help people with? Using the many tools available to us, there’s no reason not to share your assistance. Many DIY innovators make a great living as very small, independent business owners doing just this. The numbers of microbusiness owners are bound to grow based on current trends in technology…


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