Trust is Your #1 Resource

Though marketing is an excellent skill to possess, improving your products and

Make improving your customers' lives your main objective.

Make improving your customers’ lives your main objective.

services needs to be your primary concern. You can usually only sell average products for a very limited time. Exceptional products and services coupled with great marketing is the goal…this approach will also earn you much more respect.

Remarkable businesses develop a positive reputation and gain trust. This trust is your #1 resource; it is the foundation of your marketing efforts. How do you go about gaining this trust? Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Make creating value for your customers your #1 priority.
  2. Be honest. Admit your mistakes and fix them to the best of your ability, but also be sure to acknowledge your achievements.
  3. Don’t use ideas from employees, customers, family members, or friends without giving them some kind of acknowledgement.
  4. Develop an outstanding sense of perspective – see your products and services from multiple points of view. Empathize with your customers and employees and ask yourself if you would be happy with your business if roles were reversed.
  5. Be straightforward with your advertisements. Discard manipulative maneuvers that have been proven to increase sales. In this age of information, many of us are catching on to these phony approaches. Just say what you do with no BS. Some humor in your ads can still be nice, though.
  6. Be aware that most people are annoyed with spam. Don’t email, call, or text anyone too much unless they indicate that they want this kind of contact.
  7. Be straightforward with your employees. While letting them know every single one of your trade secrets isn’t necessary, it’s important to treat them with respect and pay them fairly for their efforts.
  8. Offer a fair price and be nice to your customers and employees.
  9. Don’t lie to your competitors. If you don’t want them to know key information, simply refuse to tell them or anyone else that is outside of your business.
  10. Offer frequent customers special discounts.
  11. Offer anonymous satisfaction reviews to your customers and employees. Be sure to read the feedback regularly and carefully.
  12. Have fun!

Trust (Photo credit: thorinside)

These are just a few ways to gain trust in your industry. I believe these tactics will help inspire a sterling reputation, which will help you create a remarkable business and gain respect.


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