Schools Must Change

Schools must evolve with technology and society. This doesn’t mean they all need to buy the most expensive equipment. Being aware of these changes is a great start. Last week, released a video on YouTube highlighting the fact that most schools aren’t teaching children how to code.

Schools didn’t need to quickly change 50 years ago; technology wasn’t evolving as quickly. Today, however, schools must start changing their curricula faster than ever. This will help enable more children of future generations to invent and make positive impacts on the world. It will also help them learn how to take preventative measures against the downsides of technology. Defending ourselves from cyber attacks has become a practical skill.

"Learn what you need to learn...every single day."

“Learn what you need to learn…every single day.”

I recently read two remarkable free eBooks by Seth Godin that discuss other negative consequences of schools not changing with technology and society. They’re called Brainwashed and Stop Stealing Dreams; I highly recommend them. If you’re a teacher, these are must reads. They’re also helpful to those of you with or without children that want to help create a positive future for upcoming generations.


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