The Forces of Life

“We are the creation of the forces of life,

an eternal blend of ecstasy and strife,

living as long as the universe stays,

which is forever, through our galaxies’ nights and days.

From the big bang’s beginning

to the black hole’s destruction

is but a day in the life of our cosmic construction.

We’ll live forever, we’re the stuff of stars,

ever growing, ever changing,

born into this life, born into that,

changing this form for the one that comes next,

an eternal part of an eternal creation,

a quintessential piece of divine revelation!”

-Marc Allen


A Few Quotes From My Favorite Business Author

“We all achieve what we believe deep down inside.”

“You can’t do anything unless you have the beliefs to back it up.”

“Until we take a leap of faith, none of us know if we can fly.”

“Schools are always behind, and if you rely on traditional education alone you’ll always be behind, too. Believe that inexperience is an asset, allowing you to think outside the box in ways your competition can’t even imagine.”

“Be true to yourself, and the right people and opportunities will filter to you.”

“Your success is completely determined by your ability to break free from the one and only approach everyone else is following.”

“Early entrepreneurial success is often defined by survival. But my bet is that once you get started, you will naturally get your feet under you and not just survive but thrive.”

-All quotes by Mike Michalowicz  

To learn more check out his books — The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur & The Pumpkin Plan