Automation Domination!

Are you growing your business? Automating areas of your business is one of the smartest steps you can take. It’s similar to paying your bills. You can set your bills such as your electric, rent, mortgage, and internet on auto-pay and not worry about late payments, or you can physically go to each location and pay your bills in person. Setting your bills on auto-pay will save you several hours each month and enable you to spend more time on other important tasks.

The same is true for your business. You can automate much of your work, or you can keep doing things the old way. For example, you can market yourself in the local newspaper and hang up flyers, or you can focus on getting a high ranking with Google and placing advertisements on classifieds websites. Pursuing both actions will be beneficial, but not marketing online is a big mistake.

Much of your online marketing can be automated. Godaddy has all kinds of automation features when it comes to your Google rankings with their search engine visibility plans. You can also hire a couple of people to handle your classifieds ads online. Taking these steps will enable you to work on your business rather than in the business. Successful entrepreneurs oversee everything; they make sure every facet of their business is incredible rather than attempting to be an expert at everything themselves. They hire experts and automate everything they can.


My First Book!

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Retrain Your Brain

Most marketers need to retrain their brains when it comes to their advertisements. Virgin Mobile is an exception. I NEVER watch the advertisements before watching a YouTube video. This commercial has been the ONLY exception for me. What a brilliant ad….

Lifelong Learning

Many jobs require a certificate, license, or college degree. Doctors, lawyers, nurses, mechanics, and many other professions require you to get some kind of formal education.

Conversely, there are many business opportunities that require no formal education. These opportunities include developing applications for computers, tablets and smart phones; designing a new video game that can be played online and found in the app store; creating a successful website or blog; becoming a business consultant; becoming a tutor and publisher for a variety of subjects; starting a lawn care company; starting a construction company; and the list goes on!

If you pursue the opportunities that don’t require a formal education, you will usually need to develop excellent learning habits. A college education is no longer enough for these opportunities; the most successful people today are lifelong learners. Be sure to continuously read a variety of books and learn new skills to sharpen your knowledge! Having a private tutor can help speed up this process. : )

“The best job security is your own competence.” – Chris Guillebeau

Help More People

If there was no such thing as money, you could still expect something in return for your products and services. Providing excellent products and services would still give you freedom if we simply practiced trade. The more people you help, the more freedom you’ll have.

With advances in technology, it’s easier than ever to help more people. Make that your focus. Money isn’t everything. What you receive for what you give is definitely a motivator, but it’s not everything. Our lives have so much more meaning and happiness when we connect our wants and needs with ongoing actions that truly help other people.

Trust is Your #1 Resource

Though marketing is an excellent skill to possess, improving your products and

Make improving your customers' lives your main objective.

Make improving your customers’ lives your main objective.

services needs to be your primary concern. You can usually only sell average products for a very limited time. Exceptional products and services coupled with great marketing is the goal…this approach will also earn you much more respect.

Remarkable businesses develop a positive reputation and gain trust. This trust is your #1 resource; it is the foundation of your marketing efforts. How do you go about gaining this trust? Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Make creating value for your customers your #1 priority.
  2. Be honest. Admit your mistakes and fix them to the best of your ability, but also be sure to acknowledge your achievements.
  3. Don’t use ideas from employees, customers, family members, or friends without giving them some kind of acknowledgement.
  4. Develop an outstanding sense of perspective – see your products and services from multiple points of view. Empathize with your customers and employees and ask yourself if you would be happy with your business if roles were reversed.
  5. Be straightforward with your advertisements. Discard manipulative maneuvers that have been proven to increase sales. In this age of information, many of us are catching on to these phony approaches. Just say what you do with no BS. Some humor in your ads can still be nice, though.
  6. Be aware that most people are annoyed with spam. Don’t email, call, or text anyone too much unless they indicate that they want this kind of contact.
  7. Be straightforward with your employees. While letting them know every single one of your trade secrets isn’t necessary, it’s important to treat them with respect and pay them fairly for their efforts.
  8. Offer a fair price and be nice to your customers and employees.
  9. Don’t lie to your competitors. If you don’t want them to know key information, simply refuse to tell them or anyone else that is outside of your business.
  10. Offer frequent customers special discounts.
  11. Offer anonymous satisfaction reviews to your customers and employees. Be sure to read the feedback regularly and carefully.
  12. Have fun!

Trust (Photo credit: thorinside)

These are just a few ways to gain trust in your industry. I believe these tactics will help inspire a sterling reputation, which will help you create a remarkable business and gain respect.

The Age of the DIY Innovator

Cell PhoneHumans have more access to information now than at any other point in time on this planet. Gathering information for important problems often starts with a simple Google search, which is obviously much faster than the old-school way of doing research. Don’t get me wrong, I find the library very helpful. I go there all of the time to research business books and browse new releases, but primary research is often done with Google.

Bill Clinton has been quoted as saying that he only sent a grand total of 2 emails while he was in office. He also added that there were only about 50 websites in 1993 and that cell phones were very uncommon. Today, as we all know, our cell phones have become an essential tool. Instant text messaging, emails, phone calls on the fly, immediate access to websites, seemingly infinite apps, GPS maps, cameras, video recorders, alarm clocks, and music players demonstrate the variety of features that have been added to cell phones within the last decade. Of course, we have come to rely on them for their convenience. What a major change since 1993 when it was rare to even see a cell phone! I’ve sent more emails from my cell phone today than Bill did from a PC when he was the president!


With all of this technology, we have never had as many opportunities to make an impact on our communities and on the world. Anybody with a smart phone or computer has unlimited opportunities to connect with other like-minded people and take action. Promoting yourself online is also becoming easier every day. Visit the top 100 free classified ad posting sites.

Also be sure to check out the niche advertising websites you can access in your local community. Do you have anything you can help people with? Using the many tools available to us, there’s no reason not to share your assistance. Many DIY innovators make a great living as very small, independent business owners doing just this. The numbers of microbusiness owners are bound to grow based on current trends in technology…

The Power of SEO

Most of us are well aware of search engine optimization (SEO). Every time you use Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other web search engine to answer one of your questions, SEO is hard at work. “Web SEO is simply the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine‘s “natural” or un-paid (“organic“) search results.” Having great SEO for your products and services is crucial for sales; I believe it has become more practical than salespeople within the last decade.

When you need a product or service, do you search for potential solutions on Google

Great SEO is now more important than salespeople in many industries.

and compare prices, or do you wait for an annoying salesperson to call you? I personally always research using search engines, and most of the people I know do the same.

With excellent SEO, thousands and even millions of people will be able to see your products and services with an online search engine. The number of people you can reach with this approach each week is so much greater than the few hundred you can reach with 3-4 salespeople making phone calls. Here’s the catch: you only need 3-4 people who are experts at SEO to reach this incredible amount of individuals.

But hey, why not have some salespeople AND excellent SEO? The key is to give SEO more attention than sales calls and sales emails. Building a strong SEO team for your company is more important than a strong sales team in many industries.

Where do you go if you want to subcontract your SEO work? There are many people out there who charge way too much to help you with SEO; you should be very selective if you choose to hire someone to help you. Reading a variety of books about the topic will be a great way to get familiar with it if you aren’t already.

Search engine optimization is still young. In the year 2000, it wasn’t nearly as important as it is today. SEO is only going to become more important; staying informed about its changes is a must.

Technology: A Double-Edged Sword

“The computer in your smart phone today is 1,000,000 times cheaper and 1,000 times more powerful than the computer at MIT in the late 1960’s. That’s a billion fold increase in price performance of computing since around 1968.”

Writing a blog post from a phone isn’t new. It’s been easy to do for the past few years, yet this is my first post using my smart phone. Writing a book from smart phones and tablets is also possible. The possibilities with computing and phones are increasing every day.

Use technology responsibly

Communication has become so easy that I expect people to get back to me within minutes. I expect it because that’s usually what happens when I send a simple text. Do you miss the days of only having a home phone and answering machine? Sometimes I wonder how people made plans without being able to send a quick text or email with a cell phone.

The amount of time responding to texts, emails, and phone calls with smart phones has increased for most of us. Having access to a smart phone definitely gives people a competitive advantage in business. Yet it still has its drawbacks. If you expect people to get back to your texts within minutes, you probably also feel pressured to get back to someone sending you a text within minutes. This can create a feeling of anxiety about not having your phone with you 24/7.

People give me dirty looks when I’m actually doing research, responding to important business texts, and responding to work emails on my phone. What they need to keep in mind is this: phones can be used for games and pointless texts, but they can also be used for important work tasks. Technology has always been a double edged sword. You can be very productive and constructive with technology, but you can also be very unproductive and destructive with it.

For example, there is an excellent company I recently began helping around

Leonard-McDowell protects your valuable information with cutting edge software.

Indianapolis, IN called Leonard-McDowell. They help protect small to medium sized businesses with the newest, cutting edge software. One of these is ePArmor, a software that specializes in protecting your valuable information from well-funded hackers. With 3.5 million social security numbers and 387,000 credit card numbers stolen from South Carolina last month, it’s something we all need to take seriously.

Being productive and constructive with technology is the way to go. Phones, computers, softwares, and any other technology should be used to make the world a better place.


Abundance by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler needs to be a must read in every school and workplace.

The Future Is Better Than You Think

To borrow the summary from the book, it is about how “progress in artificial intelligence, robotics, infinite computing, ubiquitous broadband networks, digital manufacturing, nanomaterials, synthetic biology, and many other exponentially growing technologies will enable us to make greater gains in the next two decades than we have in the previous 200 years.”

The progress taking place from 2032-2042 will outperform the gains we have achieved from 2012-2032. We’re already seeing a similar pattern. As Jeffrey Rayport points out, “The average smart phone is as powerful as a high-end Mac or PC of less than a decade ago.” Having a basic understanding of exponential growth also helps when analyzing these changes.

These technologies are going to grow at incredible speeds because they are subject to Moore’s law, and the community behind them simply makes things happen. As improvements are made with these technologies, the prices of them will drop significantly, making them accessible to the most impoverished parts of the world. Though many people refer to the most impoverished people in the world as the ‘Bottom Billion’, Diamandis and Kotler choose to refer to them as the ‘Rising Billion.’ With access to inexpensive, advanced technology, it’s far easier for the Rising Billion to make global changes. And it will only become easier in the future.

We are surrounded by bad news. Bad news sells, and as a result, some of us often believe there isn’t hope in the world. Diamandis and Kotler believe this is our greatest challenge to achieving abundance stating, “The inability of people to see the positive trends through the sea of bad news–that may be the biggest stumbling block on the road toward abundance.”

But more positive stories could be published than bad stories. It’s not breaking news when good things are happening in the world because they are ordinary. This is a good thing. If it was breaking news every time a plane landed safely, we would be in trouble. If you enjoy good news, though, visit Huffpost Good News.

With these exponential technologies, an abundant future for earth is very likely. Like Diamandis and Kotler state, “When seen through the lens of technology, few resources are truly scarce; they’re mainly inaccessible.” Soon we will have access to technology that provides everyone on this planet with abundant solutions.

Many people will be resistant to these changes, which isn’t unusual. “People will resist breakthrough ideas until the moment they’re accepted as the new norm.”