Acquire Depth

Many people want their businesses to become very popular and make them rich. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I’ve noticed that so many popular businesses don’t have substance or a personal relationship with their customers. Though I run a few microbusinesses that aren’t nationally or internationally known, I still experience so much meaning with my work each week. I work one on one and in small groups with my clients, and my wife also helps run the businesses.

On our walk this morning, we discussed how important it is for us to maintain businesses with substance. We want our businesses to be important to people, we want to have close relationships with our clients, and we want to improve their lives. We’ve both noticed that it’s easier to do this at the microbusiness level. As we grow, it will be one of our top priorities to maintain this value. We will separate our employees into small groups and in different office locations in order meet our goal.

Popularity and financial success are both nice, but those achievements are much sweeter when you keep your values and substance a primary objective. It’s like a lame pop band that’s popular for a few years versus the band who accomplishes popularity by staying true to their art. Bands like Wilco and Radiohead are excellent examples of musicians who stayed true to themselves. Staying true to yourself might not always make you rich, but you will be happy. The goal is to acquire depth, financial success, and your other most important goals.

If you make it big in business with a product or service that has no substance for you personally, you can still experience depth with your business. You can support charities with your business, and you can educate people about business with your success. There are many ways for you to create more meaning in your life. My wife told me Bill Gates was depressed for awhile before he started his charities. Money and popularity are sometimes apart of the puzzle, but that doesn’t mean they are the most important parts. Go add value.


Read for Fresh Ideas


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Thinking of fresh ideas becomes much easier when you’re reading and learning every day. When I was writing my book, I spent a large portion of my day reading. Since I learned how to speed read in college, I read plenty of material when I was doing research for Make Money with a Microbusiness.

I had my wedding on May 25, 2013, so during the month of May I prioritized helping my wife with our wedding. This cut into my reading time, and I’ve recognized that ideas for new business approaches aren’t coming as effortlessly. At the same time, taking a break has also been helpful. It’s as if I needed a short amount of time off from the high volume of reading to digest what I learned.

Taking a short break from reading is helpful as long as it’s not too long of a break. One month off is more than enough time to digest what you have learned. I was doing a high volume of reading from February 2012 to April 2013. Taking time to reflect on what I’ve learned has been beneficial, but now I’m noticing that I need more fresh ideas.

It’s important to take action on what you learn. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.” Many of you business owners out there don’t make much time to read because you’re busy taking action. That’s better than never taking action while spending the majority of your time reading. But a small percentage of your day dedicated to reading 20 pages or learning something new will help you take smarter actions.

Keep it in the Pocket!

Dave Grohl also keeps it in the pocket!

Dave Grohl also keeps it in the pocket!

As a drummer for ten years, all of my instructors have always stressed the importance of playing what the song needs. They constantly said, “Keep it in the pocket!”

The same was true for writing. In college, professors always stressed the importance of being succinct. Seth Godin, a business author I mention frequently, is a great example. He constantly plays what the song needs. His blog and his books have definitely changed my life for the better. Check them out if you haven’t already. If you have, read his material again! Do what you need to do. Do it to the best of your ability. Play what the song needs.

My First Book!

PROMO Front coverMake Money with a Microbusiness IS now available on this website!

I could not be more excited about this release!

I spent so much time, energy, and passion putting this book together. This book is dedicated to anyone who has any interest in business.

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Microbusinesses are a great way to make money and make a difference. With advancements in technology, the power and potential of microbusinesses will only increase! Currently, we have physical books available along with the Kindle version. Make Money with a Microbusiness will also be available in the iBook store soon!

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Click here to invest in the Kindle version through Amazon!

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Retrain Your Brain

Most marketers need to retrain their brains when it comes to their advertisements. Virgin Mobile is an exception. I NEVER watch the advertisements before watching a YouTube video. This commercial has been the ONLY exception for me. What a brilliant ad….

More Music Please!

I hardly write about music, yet music is such an important part of my life. I’ve been playing drums for 11 years and have even played in a few locally successful bands along the way.

I’ve become more passionate about business and just finished my first book about business. Music is discussed throughout the book, but I didn’t give musicians the credit they deserve…I’ll have to take note of that for the final edit of the book.

Do you notice how musicians and artists are some of the first people to adopt new technology? For the past month, I’ve been constantly listening to Deadmau5, Skrillex, and other electronic musicians. The sounds they all produce are unbelievable. It’s only going to get more interesting as technology evolves….

Musicians are creative, and creativity is what invents new paths. When you’re looking for inspiration for your business or personal life, listen to new music.

Schools Must Change

Schools must evolve with technology and society. This doesn’t mean they all need to buy the most expensive equipment. Being aware of these changes is a great start. Last week, released a video on YouTube highlighting the fact that most schools aren’t teaching children how to code.

Schools didn’t need to quickly change 50 years ago; technology wasn’t evolving as quickly. Today, however, schools must start changing their curricula faster than ever. This will help enable more children of future generations to invent and make positive impacts on the world. It will also help them learn how to take preventative measures against the downsides of technology. Defending ourselves from cyber attacks has become a practical skill.

"Learn what you need to learn...every single day."

“Learn what you need to learn…every single day.”

I recently read two remarkable free eBooks by Seth Godin that discuss other negative consequences of schools not changing with technology and society. They’re called Brainwashed and Stop Stealing Dreams; I highly recommend them. If you’re a teacher, these are must reads. They’re also helpful to those of you with or without children that want to help create a positive future for upcoming generations.

Lifelong Learning

Many jobs require a certificate, license, or college degree. Doctors, lawyers, nurses, mechanics, and many other professions require you to get some kind of formal education.

Conversely, there are many business opportunities that require no formal education. These opportunities include developing applications for computers, tablets and smart phones; designing a new video game that can be played online and found in the app store; creating a successful website or blog; becoming a business consultant; becoming a tutor and publisher for a variety of subjects; starting a lawn care company; starting a construction company; and the list goes on!

If you pursue the opportunities that don’t require a formal education, you will usually need to develop excellent learning habits. A college education is no longer enough for these opportunities; the most successful people today are lifelong learners. Be sure to continuously read a variety of books and learn new skills to sharpen your knowledge! Having a private tutor can help speed up this process. : )

“The best job security is your own competence.” – Chris Guillebeau

Help More People

If there was no such thing as money, you could still expect something in return for your products and services. Providing excellent products and services would still give you freedom if we simply practiced trade. The more people you help, the more freedom you’ll have.

With advances in technology, it’s easier than ever to help more people. Make that your focus. Money isn’t everything. What you receive for what you give is definitely a motivator, but it’s not everything. Our lives have so much more meaning and happiness when we connect our wants and needs with ongoing actions that truly help other people.