The Bond Can’t Be Broken

I was stranded and alone
You came and raised me as your own
You lied for me, you’d die for me;
You’d do anything for your family.

Caught in the middle
Mother knows best
You solved every riddle
We put you to the test.

A mother by nature
Saving us from danger
The tables have turned;
It’s now our concern.

The bond can’t be broken
You were sent from above
It’s rarely spoken,
But I’m here for you, my love.

My First Book!

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I spent so much time, energy, and passion putting this book together. This book is dedicated to anyone who has any interest in business.

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More Music Please!

I hardly write about music, yet music is such an important part of my life. I’ve been playing drums for 11 years and have even played in a few locally successful bands along the way.

I’ve become more passionate about business and just finished my first book about business. Music is discussed throughout the book, but I didn’t give musicians the credit they deserve…I’ll have to take note of that for the final edit of the book.

Do you notice how musicians and artists are some of the first people to adopt new technology? For the past month, I’ve been constantly listening to Deadmau5, Skrillex, and other electronic musicians. The sounds they all produce are unbelievable. It’s only going to get more interesting as technology evolves….

Musicians are creative, and creativity is what invents new paths. When you’re looking for inspiration for your business or personal life, listen to new music.

Transfer Your Passion

Many people believe their passion for something only goes so far. The musician or athlete may think they will never be happy if they don’t make a living playing sold out concerts or playing a sport at the professional level. Seth Godin has a great solution in his book Linchpin. “Transferring your passion to your job is far easier than finding a job that happens to match your passion.” If you’re passionate about something, transferring that passion to a variety of work situations gives you far more opportunities and flexibility.

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With Android OS, Chromebook, Google +, Google Music, and the collection of other Google developments, when will we see them design their own computer without samsung? If they decide to do this, I think they will do well in the market.

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