Frozen Frames


A door opens, a door closes;
In my mind, your pictures are frozen.

The time we’ve spent has been true.
The ups, the downs
Think of all we’ve been through.

I can still see your smile in the summer sun
I always knew I’d stay – you thought I’d run.

Frozen frames of you forever in my memory
I close my eyes – you’re all I see
I’m here to stay, it’s our destiny.

Our lives will pass like seasons
The bitter cold, summer’s demons.

The sun will rise, the sun will set
We’ll get lost, we’ll place our bets,
But it’s you I’ll never second guess.

A door opens, a door closes;
In my mind, your pictures are frozen.


The Deed Can’t Be Undone

A ramblin’ man
Gone tomorrow
With no plans

Travelling far, leaving for fun
He says goodbye to his son
One last time

Lost in the fog
His mind in a daze
Alone, he sobs

Memory fades, reality drains
Once a gifted boy
He’s now searching for his brain

Life passed him by
It can’t be undone
Like many, he’s living a lie

Wishes to go back
Look into his eyes, you see heartbreak
Deep down he owns his mistakes

What has he done?
He lost time
He lost his son.

Farewell, Felix…

You picked me up
When the chips were low
We never met
Yet we’re kindred souls

You spoke the truth
While the rest saved face
My innocent youth
Lost its way

I’m on my bike; I must go
I have to strike out on my own

Still young
Practically penniless
My day will come
You know I’ll savor it

My burning determination
It won’t leave the equation
Tried to cut it loose
Met with indignation

Blessed and cursed
With the compulsion to work

On my own
A lone wolf
I can’t stop
Til’ I reach the top

I make this oath:
I’ll never retreat,
I’ll never explain
Thank you, Dear Felix,
For showing me the way.