Thank You!

When I was five years old, I hit the multimillion-dollar lottery: A wonderful family living in La Porte, Indiana rescued me from an environment no child should have to experience. Overnight, Maria and Jeff Hilb became my loving parents.

Since I wasn’t up to speed with my schooling, my new family worked with me day and night. Because of them, I started Kindergarten at the appropriate age. In third grade, I met a teacher who encouraged me and permanently changed my life for the better. The school system would be so much better with more phenomenal teachers like her.

Cross Country and Track were the sports of my choice in High School. With the help of my excellent coach, I was sectional champion and a state finalist in 2005.

My family, friends, teammates, teachers, and athletic coaches helped create a positive impact on my life. They’re the reason I became so passionate about learning, business, and helping others.  This is a major part of the reason I was able to graduate from Indiana University in 2010.

I have chosen to embrace the unknown and treat every day as a gift. I have no reason to write a summary of my story other than to thank a few of the kind people I have been fortunate to meet (many of you have not been mentioned).

After graduating from Indiana University with degrees in marketing and music, I decided to pursue several microbusinesses in Bloomington, Indiana while living with my fascinating wife, Nichole.

Sharing music and information about business and technology is the goal of this blog.


One thought on “Thank You!

  1. this is a most amazing blog love you dearly and always thank god you’re a part of our family love mom


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