Five Reasons to Keep Your 9 to 5 Job

Microbusiness Owners

By Anthony Hilb 

The idea of keeping a 9 – 5 job may seem impractical to individuals who are starting to succeed with their new microbusiness venture. I have always been well aware of the benefits of keeping a 9 – 5 job while owning a microbusiness, yet I did not have one when I started my first business because I was lucky enough to quickly find customers and earn enough to maintain a decent lifestyle with my wife.

As I am getting older, I have realized a 9 – 5 job suits my personality and my microbusiness ownership goals. Fortunately, I am working for an excellent company called ABRA Auto Body and Glass, and I completely identify with their vision. If you are like me and enjoy working for your company, here are five reasons you should keep your 9 – 5 job:

  1. As I have mentioned in many other…

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7 Venture Capitalists Predict What Will Happen In 2015


From cloud wars to the certainty that there will be hacks, venture capitalists believe that 2015 will be a year of tumult and (in public markets anyway) triumph for the startup world.

Here are the visions that the general partners, managing directors and partners from firms such as NEA, IVP, Cue Ball Group,General Catalyst Partners and MDV have when they gaze into their crystal balls.

Together these firms have more than $22 billion under management, so they’re not only seeing the future, they’re often shaping it.

1. Jon Sakoda, General Partner, NEA

Cloud Wars – The Empires Strike Back:  The cloud computing wars started years ago, but, largely speaking, Amazon has been uncontested and has quietly become the dominant player in the space. In 2015, Amazon will face a multi-front war as Google will launch its assault on Amazon’s traditionally strong presence in the developer ecosystem, and Microsoft will combat Amazon in the…

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All Of Samsung’s New Smart TVs Will Run Its Tizen Operating System


In its latest attempt to make the operating system happen, Samsung announced today that all of its smart televisions will include a Tizen-based platform in 2015.

In theory, this means that the new smart TVs will be able to sync with other Samsung devices that use Tizen, the company’s own open-source operating system. For example, they can stream content over wi-fi or connect automatically by Bluetooth. In its announcement, Samsung said its “Tizen’s compatibility with other devices establishes Samsung’s Smart TVs as the control center of any Smart Home.”

This, of course, means that Samsung will have to drum up developer interest in the OS, which was first announced in 2012, but so far as failed to emerge as a viable competitor to Android.

That hasn’t stopped Samsung rolling out products use Tizen. The decision to build Tizen into all of its smart TVs isn’t a surprise because Samsung has previously…

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On Choosing Cloud Storage Providers

Rent iPad, Hire Laptop, Computer Servers & Management, Remote Projectors

Needless to say, cloud computing is one of the top growing sectors in technology. Cloud storage is a major segment of this emerging market. Presently, there are many cloud storage providers and in fact, more and more companies are entering the market that includes giants like Google and Amazon. Cloud storage is defined as a kind of storage wherein data is stored in a virtual server network that is managed by a third party. A few important things you need to consider while hiring a cloud storage provider:

Online Cloud back up

  • Decide on how much space is needed for your online cloud back up. This is crucial as it allows you to calculate your real cost per GB as well as it will help you select a provider and a plan that fulfills your requirements at the most competitive price. It must also be noted that provided you need limited space, there…

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Sony’s Crackle takes aim at Netflix with a ‘Joe Dirt’ sequel

Deepak verma

Netflix may soon be adding four new Adam Sandler flicks to its coffers, but that doesn’t mean it’s got a monopoly on the ol’ Waterboy’s creative endeavors. Variety reports that Sandler’s producing a sequel for the one and only Joe Dirt exclusively…
October 13, 2014 at 02:52PM
By Deepak verma

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If You Could Go Back…

If you could go back,
Would you do it again?
If you could go back,
Would you change, my friend?

You may wish to live each path
While each day is pressing
Today’s the same, no aftermath
What could have been keeps you guessing

Be here today,
Disregard tomorrow
Sit down and stay;
Forget your sorrow.

You long to visit the past
You’d change this and that
Life: better by a million-fold,
But would you really be so bold?

Would it all be perfect?
Would it all work out?
Would it be worth it?
You have your doubts.

You’d still have to roll the dice
You’d still have to get it right
Life isn’t always agreeable
You must accept the unforeseeable….


The Forces of Life

“We are the creation of the forces of life,

an eternal blend of ecstasy and strife,

living as long as the universe stays,

which is forever, through our galaxies’ nights and days.

From the big bang’s beginning

to the black hole’s destruction

is but a day in the life of our cosmic construction.

We’ll live forever, we’re the stuff of stars,

ever growing, ever changing,

born into this life, born into that,

changing this form for the one that comes next,

an eternal part of an eternal creation,

a quintessential piece of divine revelation!”

-Marc Allen

YouEye Raises $3M For Its Webcam-Based Usability Testing Service With Emotion Recognition


YouEye, a usability testing service that uses a pool of screened candidates to help designers and developer get feedback for their sites, today announced that it has raised a $3 million funding round led by investors Bobby Yazdani, the founder and CEO of Saba Software and an investor in Dropbox, Google, Qwiki, Brian McClendon, the co-founder of Keyhole, Inc (which later became Google Earth) and Beth McClendon. A number of additional investors also participated in this round, which also includes a $400.000 raise from early 2011 led by Bobby Yazdani.

The company, which describes itself as a “UX lab in the cloud,” takes a different approach from other online usability test service. The focus for YouEye goes beyond asking users questions about a site and tracking their cursors. Instead, the service records the participants interactions with a site and tries to capture their emotions. The service is…

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The Speed of Change

The rate at which changes and advancements in technology are occurring is unbelievable. That’s why I personally like to stick with owning a microbusiness; it enables me to adapt so quickly or fold a business without much of a hassle.